Husbandry - Agency Services

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Husbandry - Agency services

The Husbandry and Agency Services comprise of :

  1. Five offshore launches of various capacities to support crew change, stores delay, embarkation and disembarkation of surveyors, technicians, workshop staff, assist in ship’s side cleaning, erection of oil booms etc.  
  2. One water barge of 500 tons capacity and large deck to transport large quantity of stores, many number of sludge skips, transportation of project cargo etc.
  3.  An anchor handling tug and supply vessel for offer anchor assistance when ship’s faulty windlass require external assistance, anchor salvage and recovery, anchor chain renewal, support services for Nitrogen purging, Standby tug to remain alongside to meet port requirements, escort and towage services, logistics support to floating crane deployment etc.

Agency services is licensed operate in Fujairah, Khorfakkan, Sharjah and Dubai covering above functions. We have an extensive network of local service providers and vendors, all of whom go through an approval process to ensure quality service at all times.

Services offered but not limited to . . .

  • Act as agent for vessels calling at Fujairah and Khorfakkan, which is mandatory for any vessel to enter offshore anchorage area, to register with Port Authority
  • Liaising with owners, charterers, masters, surveyors and all other parties involved for a safe and quick turnaround
  • Advising principals and Master of calling procedures, details of terminal and respective port of call. 
  • Arrange bunkers and lubricants
  • Arrange  deslopping and demucking, disposal of sludge
  • Fresh water and Distilled water delivery
  • Crew change, stores and provisions delivery using shore facility and supply launches.
  • Anchor salvage and assistance, anchor recovery, anchor and chain renewal.
  • Attending cargo operations as required by owners/charterers.
  •  Arranging Underwater cleaning and ships side cleaning in liaison with class surveyors. 
  • Lubes delivery
  • Repair consultation and coordination
  • Floating storage
  • Protecting agency
  • Full port agency of ships calling Fujairah for discharging, loading, and STS operations
  • Berth reservation, stevedoring services, towage services
  • Meet and Greet services at airports and ports of UAE. 
  •  Arranging accommodation to suit principal’s requirements. 
  • Customs clearance in Dubai, Sharjah and Fujairah, as well as all other UAE ports through sub-agents
  • Warehouse storage inside port of Fujairah
  • Bunker sample collection and forwarding
  • Air and sea freight services
  • Cargo operations attendance at cargo terminals in Fujairah
  • Bunker coordination services
  • Coordination of vetting inspection and arrangements.
  • Husbandry – Agency services
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Mr. Jaganathan Nair

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