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Fairdeal’s long commitment to keep seas from pollution


Save our Seas

While regulations are in place to protect our seas, under Marpol 73/78 Convention adequate reception facilities to collect, process and safely dispose slops must be available to achieve the objective.

Pursuing the commitment to the marine environment and Fairdeal’s legacy of being a successful provider of Environmental services in Greece, the Group pioneered in setting up floating slop reception facilities offshore Fujairah in 1985 along with support tonnage for collection and processing.

Although the Group’s patented method guarantees no pollution or wastage of resources, our R & D team is constantly adopting new technologies to improve the collection and treatment process.

Fairdeal has been an “Environmental Partner since 1978” offering collection of slops as part of the pollution prevention services and according to the mission to protect the marine environment. This service is widely known as “Deslopping”.

The Fujairah and Khorfakkan anchorages still remain the preferred locations for the provision of marine related services for passing vessels. Fairdeal offers deslopping services, duly approved and licensed by Port authorities and the respective Governments.

With deslopping inevitable for vessels proceeding to dry docks, emergency repairs, change of oil cargo grades and to maximize cargo capacity, Fairdeal’s services are designed to fulfil the varying customer requirements.

Efficient ship management complying to the demands of industry, local governments and statutory bodies, combined with prompt attendance to pre and post call requirements are some of the factors that have encouraged continuing close relations with our principals over the last four decades.

Pioneer in deslopping

Fairdeal Marine Services pioneered slop reception facilities in the Arabian Gulf in 1985. The tonnage and technology underwent constant innovations and improvements resulting in being recognized by the IMO as an offshore reception facility with services compliant with Marpol 73/78 regulations. Furthermore, industry certifications and approvals have endorsed Fairdeal Marine Services as a reliable service provider. 

Certification from regional Environmental body, MEMAC, covering the ROPME area for reception facility is considered a very significant accreditation. Pre and post operational attendance combined with adherence to port requirements have contributed immensely to operational convenience. 

A storage vessel, a processor and number of collecting vessels support the deslopping operations. The “round-the-clock” service of deslopping is coordinated by experienced personnel from our office inside the Port of Fujairah. Sufficient notice is desirable for efficient turn around.

On Shore Reception facility

Fairdeal offers a seamless service covering Annex I of Marpol 73/78. In this respect we are in position to provide services for the collection of oily sludges from tankers destined for drydock, decommissioning or repairs. We associate with shore reception facilities for safe disposal.

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