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The above three principles are every bit as important to Fairdeal today as they were when the company was founded by Captain Michael Sarros, a master mariner, over 40 years ago. Fundamental to our founder’s vision was the protection of the marine environment for future generations. This remains a moral obligation for us.

Inaugurated in 1978 in Piraeus, Greece, Fairdeal was one of the very first shipping firms dedicated to environmental protection. We were pioneers in the development of floating slop reception facilities according to Marpol1973/78. We introduced such facilities first in Greece and, since 1985, in the UAE, and are currently a leader in highly-advanced deslopping facilities.

Care for the marine environment has always been at the heart of Fairdeal’s strategy. Under a second-generation management and with our long experience, we have taken this commitment a step further.

A steady investment in the renewal of our fleet and procurement of the latest waste oil processing equipment augur well for Fairdeal’s continued expansion in the years to come. Our long experience has allowed us to develop a unique range of compatible offshore services, covering key industry needs. These include the requirements of oil majors and traders for safe and reliable storage facilities, transportation and the delivery of oil products.

Our Vision

  • To be an international provider of energy logistics and environmental services
  • Deliver superior service to customers, by dedicated and motivated employees committed to excellence
  • Provide added value to our stakeholders through sustainable growth
  • Contribute to the preservation of our planet for future generations.

Transforming passion into reality

When Cpt Sarros combined his passion for the clean seas with business insightfulness, Fairdeal was born in 1978, with a fleet of ships dedicated to the transportation of petroleum products, always safeguarding a clean marine environment.

With the ratification of MARPOL 73/78 convention in Greece in 1983, Sarros’ environmental commitment transformed into a business opportunity when the Piraeus Port Authority, following an international tender process, awarded to Fairdeal a 10-year exclusive contract for the collection and processing of slops, sludge and garbage, which presaged greater efforts ahead.

The idea of the floating slops reception facility was developed when the following considerations were made:

  • For any vessel to have the incentive to discharge slops the service must be prompt and the cost not too great.
  • The cost of the floating reception facility, as opposed to land based installation is just 30% and it has an additional advantage, the ability to be located away from populated areas as well as the flexibility to move easily when and where there is a specific reason or need.

Acclaimed as leader in the field, Fairdeal has accumulated widespread experience in designing, constructing and operating floating reception facilities in compliance with MARPOL 73/78, approved by international classification societies and organizations involved.

A floating reception and treatment facility was launched in 1983 to serve the 10 year contract. The technology and procedures at Fairdeal’s facilities have seen steady improvement over the years resulting in its deslopping, oil spill response and marine waste treatment operations reaching world class standard. 

Meanwhile, the role of Fujairah in maritime history as a “sure-stop” and secure port was gaining prominence. Sensing the opportunity, Fairdeal in 1985 set up shop and grew in tandem with Fujairah growing to one of the world’s largest shipping hubs due to its world-class bunkering l and oil storage facilities. 

Fairdeal has become the first and largest private oil spill response services provider in the Gulf. The company’s oil spill response capability in the UAE has continued to grow, with an ability to offer on the spot assistance over the past 25 years.